• Question: How much will I be charged for the attorneys’ services?
  • Answer: The fee depends upon what type of case you have. For instance a personal injury, product liability or premises liability is charged on a contingency basis. This means you pay nothing until the final settlement or jury verdict. Upon payment of a settlement the attorneys’ fee is 1/3 plus expenses. Upon payment of a favorable jury verdict the attorneys’ fee is 40% plus expenses. If we do not achieve a recovery you owe nothing.

    For probate of an estate, with or without a will, there is a flat rate charge of $3,000.00.

    For hourly cases the fees are charged at $300/hour for Steve Briley’s services, $275/hour for Mark Briley’s services and $250/hour for associate attorney services.

  • Question: Does having an attorney mean I will definitely win my case?
  • Answer: We cannot, and do not, guarantee the outcome of any case. However, we do not take a case unless we feel reasonably certain that we will be successful.

  • Question: What is a mediation?
  • Answer: A mediation is an informal meeting consisting of both parties, attorneys for both parties and an impartial third party called a mediator. Everyone will meet together in one room and go over the basic facts of the case. Following the initial meeting each party will go with their attorney to a separate room and the mediator will be the go between, making suggestions and taking offers back and forth between the parties in an effort to settle the case without the time and expense of a jury trial. If the case is not settled at mediation it will proceed toward a bench or jury trial.

  • Question: Will I be required to attend a mediation even if I prefer a jury trial?
  • Answer: In most cases the judge requires attendance at a mediation prior to trial. This requirement is an effort to cut down on the backlog of cases so that the judicial system is not weighed down with trials of matters that could have been settled thus slowing the process for everyone.

  • Question: What are the charges referred to as expenses?
  • Answer: Expenses are the actual charges we are required to pay in obtaining evidence to prove your case. In an injury case we will have to pay for medical records, accident reports, possibly investigators and photographs.

    For litigation there are court costs and filing fees, the cost of depositions of the parties and witnesses. Many times we will be required to obtain an expert witness who will charge hourly for his time. There will be deposition expenses related to the experts as well. We will make every effort to keep your expenses as low as possible while still providing you with the best representation.